Storm Damage Roofing Inspections: What You Need to Know

May 30, 2023

Your roof offers essential protection for your home or business. Feel peace of mind after any storm when you hire professionals to perform a roof inspection. A roofing contractor can identify issues and offer the necessary solutions.

What will a roofing contractor look for when inspecting your property after a storm?  We cover the inspection process and potential outcomes to help you feel prepared at every step.

Identifying Signs of Roof Damage Post-Storm

In any home, the roof is our first line of defense against the fury of Mother Nature. However, when a storm hits, that crucial protective cover can take a beating. Spotting early signs of storm-induced roof damage isn’t just about addressing immediate issues; it can also save you from otherwise escalated costs down the line.

Watch out for telltale signs of your roof suffering damage after a storm. Be on the lookout for missing or cracked shingles, leaks popping up around chimneys, skylights, and other roof sections, along with twisted flashing or impaired ridge vents. Should you spot these, get in touch with a roofing contractor without delay. Their skilled eyes can carry out a complete inspection and navigate you through the optimal path – be it repairing or replacing portions of the roof, thereby ensuring the long-lasting health of your roof.

Why Storm Damage Roof Inspections Are Necessary

As a general rule of thumb, you should have your roof inspected at least once yearly. Professionals should also complete a roof inspection before you purchase a new insurance policy for your property or put your home or business on the market. One of the most important times you should have your roof inspected is after a significant storm.

A wind or hail damage roof inspection can identify any potential issues. Although you may not see obvious signs and symptoms of storm damage at first, a professional can identify a leak or weak point that could cause larger problems. Investing in solutions sooner rather than later can save you money over time.

An inspection for damage after a storm can also give you peace of mind. A roof in the proper condition will prevent water from leaking or causing pooling that affects your home’s interior, siding or landscaping. You can feel more secure and comfortable knowing your property is more prepared to tackle various types of weather.

What to Look for During a Storm Damage Roofing Inspection

Roofing contractors use a thorough approach to check a roof after a storm. The inspection usually begins at the ground level to identify any collateral damage from wind or hail. Signs of wear and tear on the ground level indicate a possibility your roof could have damages as well.

Inspectors might look at areas like your garage door, downspouts, window screens, painted wood or shutters, electric meter, AC unit, grill and mailbox. Some notable signs of damage may include dents, dings, holes and loose or missing pieces. These signs may not guarantee your roof was damaged, but they’re a starting point.

After inspecting the ground level, the contractor should proceed with inspecting the roof. Some of the key areas inspectors check after a storm include:

  • Gutters: Roofing contractors will look for dings or dents on the face of the gutters and sitting granules inside your gutters.
  • Shingles: The inspectors will look for any creased, lifted or missing shingles and granule loss on the shingles.
  • Roof flashing and vents: The experts will look for marks or dents on roof flashing and vents.

The inspection might also reveal some damages unrelated to storms. That includes manufacturer defects like degranulation, blistering, curling and cupping of shingles. Inspectors might also find side effects from UV exposure, including roof materials expanding and contracting. It’s important to take any necessary steps to fix these conditions after finding them.

Why Hire a Professional for Storm Damage Roofing Inspections?

While you may want to look around yourself right after a storm clears, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals. Hiring roofing contractors to check your ground level and roof offers several benefits:

  • Accuracy: Experts have the knowledge to identify signs of damage so your inspection is very thorough. Beyond storm damage, roofers can also determine whether an aging roof has reached the end of its life expectancy. You can offer ideal protection for your home by investing in the repairs or replacements your roof needs, storm-related or not.
  • Convenience: Professional roofers already have the tools and experience to complete a safe, thorough inspection. They’ll work efficiently and take steps to prevent injuries or further roof damage. You can save storage in your garage by hiring roofers who will come prepared with ladders and other equipment.
  • Peace of mind: Roofers know exactly what you need to document after storm damage. They’ll mark any possible damages from wind or hail with chalk so they’re easy to see in the photos they take of the areas. You can use the photos as evidence if you plan to file a claim.

When looking for a reputable roofing inspector, you’ll want to hire professionals you can count on. Look for a business that values high-quality workmanship and offers warranties to back their work. You can read feedback from customer reviews or ask for recommendations from your friends and family.

Dealing With Storm Damage After the Inspection

After an inspection, a roofing contractor will let you know if they identified any storm damage and show you proof with photos. They’ll walk you through what happens next with recommendations suiting your circumstances — for example, they can offer advise you on the extent of needed repairs which may impact whether you should file a claim with your insurance company.

While your roofing contractor can advocate for you after a roof inspection, your insurance company ultimately decides whether to approve or deny your claim. From there, you can plan to fix any roof issues with professional services.

Feel free to ask questions after the inspection so you can gain a better understanding of your repair and replacement options. Your roofing contractor can discuss details like pricing and schedule a time for service that works for you.

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