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RoofAid USA takes tremendous pride in our amazing maintenance services. We have been serving property owners for many years with a ton of highly satisfied clients. When you choose our team, you are trusting a company that will put our clients first each and every time.

Your roof is a large investment, that is worth thousands of dollars. When you are investing thousands, you should be getting your money’s worth. This is the reason we made our roof maintenance plan. A few benefits from our maintenance plan are:

  • Helps with insurance claims
  • Controls your roofing costs
  • No expensive or surprising repairs
  • You will be getting as much life out of your roof as possible

Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan Benefits

  • Decreases the Rate of Aging


    A roof’s service life depends on a few different factors, including design, materials, installation and maintenance. Regular maintenance will then help decrease how quickly your roof ages.

  • Correct Minor Problems


    We are able to correct minor problems with regular inspections. These small problems could include hail damage that has not yet penetrated the water barrier or small material defects.

  • Reduce the Cost of Repair


    Regular maintenance can reduce the cost of repairs because the problems do not have time to spread. The small leak can turn into widespread structural damage if not addressed quickly.

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