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If you have a leak in your roof, it may be causing much more damage than you realize. Unfortunately, many people don’t know their roof leaks until it’s too late. Regardless of why your roof is leaking, it’s critical to tackle the problem as quickly as possible—you still have hope to prevent further damage.

At RoofAid USA, we offer a full range of roofing and construction services. Our team of construction experts has the experience you need to ensure that your roof leak is fixed correctly. 

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Roof Leak Causes

  • Storms


    Unfortunately, storms provide various conditions that can cause serious roof leaks. Whether it be wind, hail, or falling trees, it’s easy to see how a storm can cause your roof to take in water.

  • Age


    Unfortunately, there doesn’t need to be an external factor causing your roof to leak. You may find that your roof begins to take in water as it ages. This is especially true if the company that first installed your roof didn’t do a very good job.

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What to Expect From Our Roof Leak Repair Services

Our roofing professionals will act swiftly to repair leaks and protect your home. We meticulously review and diagnose leaks, offering extensive explanations on the roofing leak repair and causes.

RoofAid USA repairs and services:

  • Damaged shingles: The most prevalent causes of roof leaks are missing or damaged shingles. Storms can lift or damage shingles, exposing your roof to rain, sleet and snow. Aging roofs can also have missing shingles. Without these critical components, your roof is vulnerable and prone to leaking. Our team can install new shingles and repair missing ones to secure the area.
  • Cracked tiles: Broken tiles expose your roof and allow rainwater to seep in, damaging the interior. Our professional team has the equipment and skills to repair your roof without cracking more tiles, if it is repairable. We check for cracks, holes and missing tiles as we work, repairing, replacing and caulking the roof as needed. 
  • Roof flashing: Flashing is the thin, flat metal waterproofing of your roof’s perimeter and protrusions. Your roof flashing can corrode over time or even detach due to storms. This deterioration may prevent water from being directed away as it should, resulting in leaking. Turn to us when you need to replace or repair the flashing.
  • Skylights: Weather stripping, ice damming or improper installation can cause roof leaks around skylights. Our team can repair, reinstall or replace your home’s skylights to prevent water damage. 
  • Roof valleys: Our roofers have the necessary skills and equipment to take on the technical job of repairing roof valleys. Poor installation of flashing to roof valleys or any damage to this area can cause major leaks and damage to your roof. These regions need specialized care to protect your roof and prevent clogging or ice damming.

Signs That You Need Leaking Roof Repair

Some signs of leaking roofs are visible, and others are subtle. You may need to schedule repairs if you notice:

  • Damp spots: Wet areas in the home’s interior are visible signs of a leaking roof. A specialist needs to come to assist immediately. Leaks may seem isolated, but they can be a symptom of a more significant issue. 
  • Dripping: Rain storms can cause dripping. Water follows gravity, resulting in leaks making their way through attics, ceilings and other living spaces. 
  • Discoloration: Brown marks on wall surfaces and ceilings can indicate moisture buildup. The leading cause is roof leakage. 
  • Mold growth: Mold growth may be invisible, but not always. Typical mold leaves brown, black and green marks on walls and surfaces. It’s not uncommon for roof leaks to cause decay. Mold is corrosive and dangerous, so it’s crucial to work with a roofing specialist.
  • Missing components: Not all roof damage or missing components are visible from the ground. While you’ll need an expert inspection to be sure everything is in order, it’s still a good idea to walk around your property regularly for quick checks. Missing shingles, tiles or components are signs you need roof leak service. 
  • Overflowing gutters: Reach out if your home’s gutters aren’t functioning correctly. Our team can check and repair the area to prevent pooling or roof leakage.
  • Leaking soffits: Soffits and eaves cover part of the underside of your roof overhang. Water dripping between the soffit and fascia can indicate possible roof leakage.

The Importance of Fixing a Leaking Roof Immediately

A leak may seem minor, but it can affect your entire property. Roof leaks can: 

  • Place your home at risk: Once your leaks start from a storm or an aging roof, your home becomes vulnerable to other issues like mold growth, staining, and siding or ceiling damage. 
  • Increase your utility bills: Roof leaks caused by missing components that compromise your attic insulation may cause your heating and cooling systems to work harder, which can lead to higher bills.
  • Compromise safety and security: Leaks can damage your valuables and pose a risk to the safety of your loved ones. Lasting structural damage can also occur if repairs are put off.

Scheduling a Roofing Leak Repair Inspection From RoofAid USA

If your home exhibits signs of roof leaks, staining, mold and mildew damage, call RoofAid USA at 812-650-2233 or schedule a free inspection. Our expert roofing team can assist with emergency roof leak repair and routine maintenance to protect your home.

Scheduling an inspection is a simple three-step process:

  • Reach out to us: You can schedule a free roof inspection online or over the phone.
  • Get a free inspection and quote: Unlike many competitors, we offer free inspections from the vantage point of the roof — not the ground. While checking for roof leaks, we’ll assess your gutters, downspouts, flashing and other roofing components. After the examination, we’ll provide a detailed account of our findings, recommendations and service estimates.
  • Schedule service: Once you’re satisfied, we’ll schedule a leak repair service for your home.

To get a free quote, or if you have questions about scheduling, reach out to us today!


To get a free quote, or if you have questions about scheduling, reach out to us today!

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