Meet Dallan Schmidt

Dallan Schmidt

Assistant Client Acquisition Manager

Where From: Bloomington, IN

Hobbies Include: Reading, working out, and video games

Core Principles: Throughout my life, one of my most important principles has been honesty. I know that I always value when others are transparent and straightforward with me, and I try to provide that honesty with others too, in business and in life.

Background: I have worked in many different areas in the roofing industry. My father has always been in construction, and he’s also a business owner, so I guess it runs in the family. Growing up in construction and working in several different areas of the business already has really helped me in this next chapter in my life.

My Goals: Owning RoofAid is an incredible way for me to be a part of something huge, to provide homeowners with the honesty and assistance they deserve, and to make a name for myself along the way.